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Feeder Fly Ants


Feeder Fly Ant Introduction

Feeder fly ants can be collected and fed annually. In South Africa they appear sporadically between the November and March after good rains, sometimes just before another good shower. They can be collected by hand and stored in a bottle with small holes in the lid for a few days. Reduced temperatures (i.e. refrigeration) will induce a reversible slumber with a reduced activity which preserves some of their natural nutrients. After being stored in the refrigerator, they can be “defrosted” at room temperature for the first few days. After longer periods of time they will start to die off. It is therefore recommended to only wake up the amount of fly ants that are going to be fed and to keep the rest asleep. Wings that are still attached should not be removed.

Fly ants seems to be very tasty and is a joy to feed to baby and juvenile lizards, various frog and toad species, birds, primates, fish, arachnids and chameleons. Some lizards like Bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) will take them dead or alive (see the Feeding Fly Ants To Other Animals for more information).

Fly ants can also be used as bait for various fishing activities.

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