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Feeder Crickets For Sale


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Feeder Crickets For Sale Tips

  • Insist on visual inspection before buying feeder crickets

    • Look out for dead feeder crickets in the container

    • Compare the feeder cricket sizes with the sized mentioned on the label

    • Try to buy fresh feeder crickets, lethargic & dead crickets and old food will give you an indication

    • Compare the amount of feeder crickets inside the container with the amount indicated on the label

  • Enquire weather the feeder crickets were gut loaded before packaging or are packaged with cricket gut loading foods

  • Only buy from reputable pet shops & breeders

Healthy, fresh feeder crickets should always be chirping and moving around. It is always better to buy crickets which are being gut loaded inside the selling container instead of those that were apparently gut loaded before packaging. Also enquire the delivery date to be able to get hold of the freshest crickets available.

Where To Look For Feeder Crickets For Sale

Feeder crickets are available from pet shops, feeder cricket breeders and the internet. Names and the location of feeder crickets breeders and suppliers can also be obtained from exotic pet magazines, reptile expos and shows. The availability might be restricted by the legislation of the country, province, city or your local municipality.

Make sure to have a few suppliers in your area for in case one might let you down. You can also breed your own feeder crickets.

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