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Feeding Crickets To Other Animals


It was already mentioned that feeder crickets can be fed to a variety of animals. They are readily accepted by all insectivorous lizards, fish, amphibians, primates, arachnids and chameleons. It is important to only feed the correct sized crickets. Too large crickets may result in gut obstructions and impactions. Most of the time, animals like hatchling Bearded dragons won't even bother looking or eating prey if they are too large. Remember that this might have the same effect as feeding nothing, i.e. underfeeding and deficiencies.

A common problem with feeding crickets is that these insects are nocturnal (night living) and most lizards are active during the day. This can result in injuries when crickets nibble on their predators when they are too passive to respond (remember reptiles are ectothermic and poikilothermic and they are totally dependant on heat for energy). This problem can be prevented by only feeding enough feeder crickets for the recommended feeding period and by hand feeding, preventing excess crickets from taking over during the night. Escapees will die and attract unwanted ants and other predators to the cage.

Most insectivorous animals will only eat live crickets, but sometimes, or when trained or conditioned these animals will eat dead insects too. Crickets can be stored in a fridge for about a week if there is need for it.

Feeder crickets should always be gut loaded and dusted prior to feeding them to other animals.

Make a small hole in small feeder tubs, just big enough for crickets to escape and place it in the cage. As the feeder crickets "escape" they will almost immediately be consumed by the hungry predator!
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