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Feeder Cricket Sizes


There are basically four live stages or sizes important to the normal cricket feeder. These are pinheads, small, medium and large crickets. Large crickets can also be divided according to sexual maturity.

Pinheads are literally the size of the head of a standard pin (1-2 mm). They are usually not more than a week old. Pinheads are fed to small hatchling lizards.

Small crickets are larger than pinheads, but still only a few millimeters long. Pinheads and medium crickets can be cumbersome to get hold of and are not supplied by a handful of breeders and suppliers.

Medium crickets are about 10 mm or 1 cm / 0.4 " in length. The European house cricket grows up to about 2 cm / 0.8 " in length where the Common black cricket can grow to 3 cm / 1.2 " in length.

a Cricket Sizes b Brown Cricket Picture c Cricket Shedding Picture d Gryllus bimaculatus Picture  

 Figure 3  Different feeder cricket sizes of feeder crickets. a Small & medium sized European house crickets (Acheta domestica); b Large sexual mature female European house cricket (A. domestica). Note the presence & the length of the ovidepositor & the wings; c European house cricket (A. domestica) directly after shedding. As crickets grow they loose their skin which is replaced by a new one. d Sub adult Common black cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus). Note the absence of the wings & the presence of the ovidepositor.

Large feeder crickets can be divided in sub-adults and adults or sexual mature crickets. Wings are a good indication for adulthood. Females develop ovidepositors which are used to drill holes in the ground and deposit eggs. The length of the ovidepositor can also be used as indication for maturity (Fig. 3).
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