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Feeder Cricket Breeding


If you have a lot of pet animals like Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos, Chameleons etc. it might be a good idea to breed your own crickets. This comes in handy when you are far away from a reliable supplier or cricket breeder, when you want a specific cricket size or just because you're fed up with ridiculous feeder cricket prices. By breeding crickets you will also be able to properly gut load before feeding them to other animals. Remember that what goes into your crickets, go into your pet animal.

There are various books and internet articles available on cricket breeding, some more complete than others. From experience I can tell you that most are incomplete and just plain nonsense. A lot of recourses claim that its easy to breed crickets at home, but I can tell you upfront that it is not the case. When you want to take this route keep in mind that feeder crickets can stink and that you need a certain amount of space to keep and breed them.

For more information on cricket breeding, also refer to Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects. This eBook will show you all there is to know on successful small scale cricket breeding.

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