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With all the feeder items we discuss we include a short introduction to the group, basic classification with the most important features, the biology to explain a bit of the feeder item in its natural environment, where to obtain and what to look for when buying, feeding and keeping the items in captivity, additional feeding such as gut loading to enhance the quality of the item. We  discuss the feeding of the item to other animals.

In addition to this, more advanced topics such as commercial and non-commercial breeding, easy food recipes, gut loading recipes, quality control, packaging, distribution, economics and many more can be found in our short, but easy to apply and  understand eBooks. Click here to access our feeder insect eBooks section.

Feeder Crickets
Commercial crickets are probably the most used feeder insect in the pet trade today. They contain high amounts of proteins and energy and are perfect and fun to feed to almost any insectivorous pet. They are easy and proliferous to culture and easy to dust and gut load. most importantly, feeder crickets are commercially available in almost any pet shop these days.

This section contains information on feeder crickets introduction, cricket zoology, keeping feeder crickets, feeder cricket sizes, gut loading, cricket dusting, feeding crickets to other animals, feeder crickets nutritional composition, crickets for sale, cricket breeding & feeder crickets literature.

Feeder Cockroaches
Feeder cockroaches are an interesting, relative new addition to the reptile pet trade. As with crickets, they are also high in protein and energy and low in fat, making them perfect for growing reptiles. They are also larger than the average feeder cricket, making them perfect for larger insectivorous lizards and mammals. Their popularity is increasing and commercial feeder cockroaches are becoming more and more available from reptile friendly pet shops.

The feeder Cockroaches sections contains specific areas for the commercial Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa), other commercial feeder cockroaches and other feeder cockroaches. Other sections under feeder Hissing cockroaches includes the feeder hissing cockroach zoology, feeder hissing cockroach keeping, feeding hissing cockroaches to other animals and feeder cockroach dusting.

Feeder Fly Ants
Feeder fly ants, although not a commercial feeder insect due to their nature and seasonality, makes perfect food for smaller insectivorous animals. They are naturally high in protein, very tasty and are perfect for young and growing reptiles. During the raining season, feeder fly ants can be wild caught in some areas of the world

The feeder fly ants section contains sections on the feeder fly ant introduction, feeder fly ant dusting and feeding fly ants to other animals.


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